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The factory was established in 2005, covering an area of about 5,000 square meters, with five workshops, complete mechanical equipment, and experienced staff. Strong technical force, abundant talents, and 200 employees. The inspection system is perfect and the quality control is strict. We pay attention to innovation, steadily grasp safety protection, and develop in the direction of scale and industrialization with a steady pace, and have a good reputation in the industry.

Production and processing

We uphold the principle of being responsible to customers and letting customers rest assured, strictly controlling every key point in the production, pay attention to the details on the assembly line. The factory has a complete personnel management system, insists on delivering perfect products and humanized services, ensuring the quality of each product that is delivered to every customer.


The company has an advanced ERP warehouse management system that can collect data in time, do a good job in product acceptance, warehousing and connection with other departments, storage and protection of goods, product distribution, returns and exchanges, accounting processing, replenishment plans, replenishment arrival notice and other matters.


The company has own design and packaging team. With the continuous improvement of the market's packaging requirements, each of our customized packaging must go through the strict process control. Regardless of the packaging design casting process, auxiliary production and user use process, as well as the quality management of packaging materials and the handling of problems that occur during transportation and use, we strictly do a good job in product packaging quality management.