Elliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti
  • Air ProElliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti
  • Air ProElliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti
  • Air ProElliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti

Elliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti

This elliptical clear glass canister for spaghetti kitchen glassware, food and beverage storage container. Large capacity, press cover design, dustproof and safe. It is a must-have choice.

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Product Description

1. Sturdy, high-quality, stylish and cute shape, suitable for family kitchen activities, and durable.

2. It has high transparency, can be dried and stored well, with ultra-fashionable sealing, and can see the contents at a glance. Keep coffee beans, tea bags, oatmeal, peanuts, sugar and other kitchen essentials fresh, very suitable for kitchens, cafes, hotels, restaurants, bars and daily household use.

3. Use these eye-catching jars to organize your cabinets or store kitchen essentials on the counter. Very suitable for cooking and baking ingredients, such as pasta, coffee, dried beans, rice, barley, biscuits, snacks or preserve your favorite herbs.

4. These sealed food safety preservation cans are not only very suitable for storing dry food, such as flour, sugar, rice, grains, grains, nuts, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee and tea, etc., the design of the press cover plus high-quality silicone, I believe There is no need to worry about them getting damp or dusty.



Details and safety

1. This elliptical clear glass canister for spaghetti is designed with a pressing cover, which has a strong airtightness, which gives the kitchen a sense of rhythm.

2. The thickened transparent glass material is more sturdy and safer, and it is convenient to observe the things inside.

3. Various capacity designs to meet different storage needs.


Product data of Elliptical Clear Glass Canister For Spaghetti:

Brand: Aelga

Single bottle capacity: 1550ml\1060ml\800ml

Material: stainless steel + machine-made soda lime glass + ABS plastic

Product diameter: 12.7

Product height: 24.5\18.5\14.9

Our awards:

Our certificate:

Transport and packaging:


1、Which certificate do you have for your items?
We have more than ten kinds of new type patent certificates and dozens of appearance design patent certificates. In 2015, our Pragis chopstick holder won the "2015 Home Fashion Award". And in 2018, the double-head grinder won the "Canton Fair Export Product Design Award"
2Can you design the items according to our requirement?

Depending on your product demand, of course we can design together for the more good choice.

3What is your products QC standrad

We manufacture products in strict accordance with national food safe standards, and fully cooperate with relevant departments and customers' quality inspections.
4Do you have any real project pictures of the items?
Yes, we can provide the photos if need.
5、Do you provide free spare parts ?
We will provide necessary product accessories free of charge according to product needs, and deliver them to customers together with the product
6、How many years your factory engaged in glass items field?
It has been 15 years since our company was founded in 2005, and new products are constantly being designed, and many old products have been popular with customers and become classics.

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