Elliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal
  • Air ProElliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal
  • Air ProElliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal
  • Air ProElliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal

Elliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal

Kitchen counter airtight jar set, stainless steel and machine-made glass food storage container, with sealing lid, suitable for coffee, pasta, nuts, candy, etc. This elliptical glass canister with SS with decal has a variety of storage functions, as well as a storage tank that is both decorative and practical.

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Product Description

1. The design of elliptical glass canister with SS with decal is inspired by the graceful curvaceous figure of a girl. The rubber seal will keep in place and connect perfectly with the edge of the jar. This prevents air from entering and protects the seal of the jar.

2. The bottom of the transparent glass bottle and the bottom of the bottle are visualized, which is convenient to observe the internal storage items.

3. A variety of storage capacity can meet the needs of different products, such as: pasta, coffee, tea, candy, etc., with good storage effects.

4. Elliptical glass canister with SS with decal is suitable for a variety of storage locations, any countertop can be controlled, kitchen cabinet storage application, avoiding headaches of large packaging bags and cartons; indoor living room display, blue and white porcelain trendy and beautiful design appearance There is a unique cultural temperament there; outdoor barbecue or picnic, you can also bring it, it will be a good helper for you.


Safety: This elliptical  glass canister with SS with decal cover is a high-quality sealing silicone ring, food-grade silicone, strong sealing to prevent dust and humidity; visible glass at the bottom; easy to observe internal storage items; high-quality stainless steel cover is safer; thicker Mechanism glass.


Product Data of Elliptical Glass Canister With SS With Decal:

Brand: Aelga

Single bottle capacity: 1590ml\1200ml\720ml\

Material: stainless steel + machine-made soda lime glass + ABS plastic + silica gel

Product diameter: 11.2

Product height: 27.3, 22.4, 16.8

Our awards:

Our certificate:

Transport and packaging:


1、Which certificate do you have for your items?
We have more than ten kinds of new type patent certificates and dozens of appearance design patent certificates. In 2015, our Pragis chopstick holder won the "2015 Home Fashion Award". And in 2018, the double-head grinder won the "Canton Fair Export Product Design Award"
2Can you design the items according to our requirement?

Depending on your product demand, of course we can design together for the more good choice.

3What is your products QC standrad

We manufacture products in strict accordance with national food safe standards, and fully cooperate with relevant departments and customers' quality inspections.
4Do you have any real project pictures of the items?
Yes, we can provide the photos if need.
5、Do you provide free spare parts ?
We will provide necessary product accessories free of charge according to product needs, and deliver them to customers together with the product
6、How many years your factory engaged in glass items field?
It has been 15 years since our company was founded in 2005, and new products are constantly being designed, and many old products have been popular with customers and become classics.

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